Sudbury letter: Heads should roll at Laurentian

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I agree with Diane Ikonen that we have come along way from the days of sulphur that burned our throats (Laurentian needs course correction, but future is bright, Feb. 17.)

Growing up in Coniston, I remember many days of the blue gas flowing over the town, destroying our gardens and vegetation. Thanks to Laurentian University, the Sudbury area has been regreened.

That being said, I could never comprehend why public institutions are not run like a business, attempting to stay within a budget and not depend on a bottomless well, which is the taxpayer.

Why did take it several years to announce that Laurentian is bankrupt? Let’s not use the useless term “insolvent.” Taxpayers are not illiterate or naïve.

Business people would immediately investigate with their accountant. As soon as there is a failure in operation, they do not wait several years to announce they are losing money.

Why did the board at Laurentian wait several years?

As a taxpayer, I suggest removing all officials running the university, including the president, and his immediate associates. Also, the board at the university should be replaced.

Secondly, let’s return to the drawing board and recognize that Laurentian is an English institution offering Native and Francophone classes.

It is the Francophone classes with few students attending that is very costly, which is part of the problem.

Tony Sottile



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