Neighbours benefit from North Bay taxes

North Bay council has awarded a $222,145 contract for a municipal class environmental assessment and preliminary design for possible upgrades to the Lakeshore and Pinewood Park drives intersection. Nugget File Photo

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To the editor:

It’s quite interesting to read all the comments concerning the study of the fiasco at the end of Lakeshore and Pinewood Park drives. A slight bit of a divide on council adds to the entertainment.

I personally agree that Callander and East Ferris should take a look at contributing to improvements, but the chance of that happening is nil.

For far too long, the surrounding townships have enjoyed the fruits of North Bay taxpayers. They don’t have to live here, but they enjoy all that we have to offer. Just ask our mayor and some council members.

Without the taxpayers of North Bay, the residents of East Ferris, Callander and all other surrounding communities wouldn’t have entertainment such as OHL hockey. They wouldn’t have the entertainment provided by the Capitol Centre. They certainly wouldn’t have the shopping experience which North Bay provides, but they all use the infrastructure we provide. The majority also wouldn’t have the jobs they travel to each day.

I laughed when I read that Callander was looking for a piece of the casino action when it doesn’t contribute five cents to the city’s roads or maintenance.

On that same token, I also agree with Mac Bain, and that rarely happens. It’s not fair to ask people to come here to shop and work and then expect them to pay for upgrades that are the responsibility of the city.

Like the debacle they have created on McKeown Avenue, poor planning comes into play for the traffic congestion we are experiencing.

Perhaps a little less bling like a $40-million rink for the rich to play and a little more substance like road improvements or another access to Ferris might be in order.

I’m curious to see how much this is going to hurt my wallet when they come up with their solution. Until then, I’ll just have to keep looking at the real estate ads for a property outside city limits.

Murray Cooper

North Bay