• Casino may help spur growth

    When Mike Harris was premier, the prospect of a casino coming to North Bay was a hot topic. Presentations and debate at city council and in the community at times ...
  • Making connection the key to initiative's success

    Bruce Cowan nbay.news@sunmedia.ca If you can't talk to your parents or figures in authority, like police officers or school teachers, because you think they're ineffective, indifferent or just don't understand, ...
  • ONTC future won't change with Gravelle

    Any measured sense of optimism with the appointment, or re-appointment, of Michael Gravelle as Premier Kathleen Wynne’s new Minister of Northern Development and Mines was pretty much dashed this week.
  • Lawyer challenges transport ministry

    Is your transmission troubled and your tires bruised? Do you worry that when the snow has gone the potholes will be even more brutal? When someone you love takes to ...
  • Money talks in Toronto

    Citizens of Northern Ontario must be very dumb bunnies. They cannot run a blackjack table or manage a bank of slot machines.
  • City sucks up to McGuinty

    Dalton McGuinty, the guy who has been accused of turning his back on Northern Ontario, was publicly thanked this week by North Bay city council for the long-awaited completion of ...
  • Bunch of bouquets this week

    A bouquet to Glen Murray, a candidate to lead the Ontario Liberals, for having the fortitude to visit Nipissing and addressing the divestment of the Ontario Northland Transportation Commission.